Author Eric Lafontaine
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Date 2016-12-22.15:27:56
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Hi David, Henning,

Sorry for the delay.  Here is the patch for python 2... but I find that adding an "example" just for RFC 5322 is kind of over-kill...

So I've made both :) please choose which one you prefer and let me know.  I personnally prefer to use the non-overkill (which is only a comment and a line of code).

David, I know you might not like it, but could you be my mentor?  I feel you have an understanding of messaging applications :).  I know you don't have much time, but I feel you're a big participant and you could delegate some tasks on to me.  

Eric Lafontaine

- Implement a patch for the code to add a missing "Date" field if it doesn't exist .   (in review)
- Modify the documentation at the SMTPLib for the send_message to mention that it add missing date using the email.utils.formatdate 
- Modify the comment of the send_message code to mention RFC 5322 in there (ideally with the section of the RFC).  ( in review)
- Modify the example of Python 2 to present a RFC 5322 examples ( in review)

With this, I've done all I could... What else can I start to do to get reviewed?
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