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You're welcome.

I understand the backward compatibility point. But I think that the current state is breaking existing code as it's not documented anywhere and it's a side-effect of another change, not something intentionnal.
(this is why I submitted this issue because I'm developing a tool which use the setup.cfg file to store data and it is broken in Python 3. I saw a lot of bug reports on different tools with the same issue (ex: nosetest configuration)

I cannot use %% for many reason:
- it will not work with Python 2.x (problematic for 2/3 cross compatibility)
- it needs every tools to know that in Python 3, they have to change their parser

Right now, I'm supporting configuration into an external file for Python 3.x

Thanks for your response ! I hope that it can be integrated into future releases (noted the point on 3.3/3.4).
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