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Date 2016-12-11.02:13:05
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Zach’s comments on float seem to have been addressed ( The comments on the resource module were about return converters: <>. One has been addressed.

The other was about the rlimit2py() function, used in two places. One of these is resource.prlimit(), which is not converted to Arg Clinic in the patch. If we don’t convert it, I agree that leaving rlimit2py() as it is is simplest.

Given that the current prlimit() arg parsing is buggy (Issue 20191), it would be good to convert it to Arg Clinic in the process of solving the bug, but that could be done as a separate step.

Tangentially, the rlimit2py() function has special HAVE_LONG_LONG handling. This is no longer needed in 3.6; see Issue 27961. But again, I think it is better to review and commit the existing patch than to keep perfecting it :)
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