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Date 2016-12-10.21:22:12
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Hi Larry,

In any cases it looks like supporting hi=-1 and hi=None is mandatory: 

hi=None is the current implementation in the bisect (Python) module.
hi=-1 is the current implementation in the _bisect (C) module.

Both are currently living together, the C version takes over the Python version when available, but the Python version is older, so both -1 and None has been the "current implementation" during some time.

Raymond legitimately fear that someone, somewhere, used -1 in some code. We should not break it (even if it had never been documented).

So let's just accept both for the moment, and if deprecation of one or another should be discussed, let's do it later, in another issue. I'm _just_ trying to make AC move forward here, without breaking anything.
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