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Author ned.deily
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Date 2016-12-07.23:29:30
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Charles, these are the two changes that went into Lib/ between b4 and rc1:

changeset:   105490:aaee06743c61
branch:      3.6
parent:      105488:c0f59410ccfc
user:        Ned Deily <>
date:        Tue Dec 06 17:12:47 2016 -0500
files:       Lib/
Issue #28835: Tidy previous showwarning changes based on review comments.
Patch by Serhiy Storchaka.

changeset:   105474:726308cfe3b5
branch:      3.6
parent:      105472:ab66423c3581
user:        Victor Stinner <>
date:        Tue Dec 06 10:53:52 2016 +0100
files:       Lib/test/test_warnings/ Lib/ Misc/NEWS
catch_warnings() calls showwarning() if overriden

Issue #28089: Fix a regression introduced in warnings.catch_warnings(): call
warnings.showwarning() if it was overriden inside the context manager.
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