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Date 2016-12-07.18:14:39
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Trying to compile gdb, with python support and by having it depend on Python 3.6 produces an error that the HAVE_LONG_LONG has been redefined [0].

This seems to have been introduced by this commit [1].

I'm in no way expert on gdb, but from what I could deduct from the build logs, the #define HAVE_LONG_LONG line in pyport.h [2] is the issue, as gdb also sets the same constant to 1 [3][4]

I build python and gdb as rpm's, but I can't verify if it happens as well outside this environment. Could someone more experienced with gdb take a look at it?

The issue seems to be fixed by wrapping the #define HAVE_LONG_LONG with an #ifndef HAVE_LONG_LONG

Attaching a patch for consideration





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