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Date 2016-11-30.21:40:31
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This patch cleans up Misc/README.AIX for addressed known issues.

Issues that have been marked fixed: #11184, #11185
Issues resolved by new AIX version: #1745108
Issues resolved, but not yet marked fixed/closed: #11188

Additionally, it looks like #10709 can be closed out as well.

For #1745108 and #11188, I have verified they are addressed as of Python 3.5.2 on AIX 7.1 locally.  The Python Buildbot is failing to build the curses module, but I believe Setup.local is needed for _curses and _curses_panel.  I have gotten the aforementioned curses modules building locally and will figure out the appropriate channels getting Python's PPC64 AIX Buildbot updated independently.
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