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Much of this discussion seems to duplicate and effectively re-open of #25179, wherein it was decided/accepted that true, non-degenerate, non-trivial, non-constant, f-strings that actually do formatting are not constants and do not and should not become docstrings.  I agree.  I think this issue should either be closed as 'not a bug' or redefined as a doc issue.

It was noted by Martin P. in #25179 that "a constant f-string without any interpolations does become a doc string."  That is because such is really a string literal and not really an f-string, in the same sense that 'circle of radius 0' is really a point and not a circle.

The current glossary entry is

    A string literal which appears as the first expression in a class, function or module. While ignored when the suite is executed, it is recognized by the compiler and put into the __doc__ attribute of the enclosing class, function or module. Since it is available via introspection, it is the canonical place for documentation of the object."

I suggest adding "Bytestring literals and non-trivial f-strings do not become docstrings." as the second sentence.
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