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Comment kindly provided by D. Richard Hipp himself:
I don't have a login for the python bug tracker so I cannot comment
there.  But I think I see the problem.  This is as Aviv Polivoda
remarks at

I think this is a error in sqlite as the documentation says:
"ransaction control statements such as BEGIN, COMMIT, ROLLBACK,
SAVEPOINT, and RELEASE cause sqlite3_stmt_readonly() to return true,"

Except it is not a bug in SQLite, but rather an ambiguity in the
documentation.  In his quote, Aviv omitted the second clause from the
documentation:  "since the statements themselves do not actually
modify the database but rather they control the timing of when other
statements modify the database."  (Full text here:

For a plain BEGIN statement, there are no changes to the database
file, so sqlite3_stmt_readonly() does indeed return TRUE.  But for a
BEGIN IMMEDIATE statement, there are database changes, because the
extra IMMEDIATE keyword causes the statement to go ahead and start
transaction "immediately".

So technically, the documentation is correct, though I can certainly
understand that it is misleading and ambiguous as currently worded.
Clarification will be checked in shortly and will appear in the 3.16.0

Note also that behavior of sqlite3_stmt_readonly() has not changed
since that interface was first added for the 3.7.5 release on
2011-02-01.  So this is not an SQLite regression.  Rather, I presume
that Python has recently started using the sqlite3_stmt_readonly()
interface in a new way.

D. Richard Hipp
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