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Date 2016-11-25.13:35:20
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Taking the first function, bisect_right(), as an example, I see these differences:

* bisect_right(a, x[, lo[, hi]]) -> index
This signature is removed. I think removing it is reasonable, because pydoc can extract the proper signature from the Arg Clinic metadata.

* Additional descriptions of each parameter. I tend to think these are redundant with the main text, so agree with removing them from the patch now.

* Addition of full stop (.) at end of first paragraph. I suggested this as a minor cleanup, but it could be fixed later if you prefer.

* Removal of default values in last paragraph. The first is redundant with the Arg Clinic signature, so I suggested to remove it. For the second, I would add it back if we remove the list of parameters, since it explains what the special value -1 means.

Do you want to revert all these differences?
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