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Date 2016-11-18.20:16:47
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As far as I looked, the patch changes `xyz' in docstrings and quotes to ``xyz``.  A rst expert should verify that this is correct.  In printed strings, `zyz' is changed to 'xyz', which I consider to be correct.

Before applying this, I would want to review in Rietveld, with side by side diff and changes color marked.  However, Rietveld does not like the patch and there is no 'review' button.  I thought it might be the git format, but I found another git patch that did have a review button.  When I downloaded and tried to apply (to default), hg says that there is no diff.  I don't see the problem, but we cannot currently use a patch that does not apply in hg.

Patrick, in order to use patches, we require Contributor Agreements.
There is an electronic form that makes submission easy.
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