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Author serhiy.storchaka
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Date 2016-11-12.08:56:03
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The argument about "harmonizing" doesn't look strong to me. Opcodes for locals use the SETLOCAL() macro which decrefs 
old value, while opcodes for nonlocals with your patches use the PyCell_SET() macro which doesn't.

But performance arguments look more weighty. I made benchmarks. fastcell.diff speeds up STORE_FAST by 40%, delete_deref.diff speeds up DELETE_DEREF by 50%. and concat_deref.diff speeds up string concatenating up to 15%. All these operations are rare in comparison with operations with locals or LOAD_DEREF, but the cognitive cost of the optimization is pretty low. All patches LGTM.

I only have doubts that such changes could be pushed in 3.6 at this stage. This is not bug fix and isn't tweaking new 3.6 feature.
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