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Date 2016-11-09.18:52:57
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> Serhiy, why is `gc.collect()` returning 2 after `del A` proof of a leak?

Sorry, it was bad example. I don't remember all details.

> The problem is that functools.lru_cache is used in _tp_cache.  If I remove type caching, the original "refleak" is fixed.

Proposed patch clears caches when search for reference leaks. This decreases the number of leaks.

test_typing leaked [3125, 3089, 2897] references, sum=9111
test_typing leaked [1189, 1179, 1103] memory blocks, sum=3471

test_typing leaked [125, 125, 125] references, sum=375
test_typing leaked [49, 51, 51] memory blocks, sum=151

See also issue23839.
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