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Date 2016-11-08.22:17:14
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This file is derived from my namedlist project on PyPI.

I've stripped out the namedlist stuff, and just left namedtuple. I've also removed the Python 2 support, and I've removed support for default parameters. After that surgery, I have not tested it very well.

Those are my excuses for why the code is more complex that it would be if I were writing it from scratch.

Anyway, instead of using eval() of a string to create the new() function, I use ast manipulations to generate a function that does all of the correct type checking. It calls eval() too, of course, but with a code object.

I originally wrote this as an exercise in learning how to generate AST's. I can't say it's the best way to solve this problem, and I haven't benchmarked it ever. So just consider it as a proof of concept, or ignore it if you're not interested.
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