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Date 2016-11-08.01:18:13
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Hum strange, the changeset d903a243c281 (the revert) optimized regex_compile: 480 ms (rev 573bc1f9900e) => 403 ms (rev cf7711887b4a).

But it didn't restore python_startup performance: (rev 573bc1f9900e) => 24.6 ms (rev cf7711887b4a).

Another change made re import slower: revision 88110cfbf4dc of issue #28193. If I also revert this change locally, python_startup performance is restored to 19.6 ms.

By the way, regex_compile performance is the same with and without the revision 88110cfbf4dc, but the benchmark purges the re cache at each iteration of the benchmark.
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