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Date 2016-11-05.22:53:18
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Antoine Pitrou added the comment:
>> Do you mean comparison between current Python with PGO and patched
>> Python without PGO?
> Yes.

Oh ok, sure. I will try to run these 2 benchmarks.

>>> Ubuntu 14.04 is old, and I don't think this is something we should worry about.
>> Well, it's a practical issue for me to run benchmarks for
> Why isn't the OS updated on that machine?

I am not sure that I want to use PGO compilation to run benchmarks.
Last time I checked, I noticed performance differences between two
compilations. PGO compilation doesn't seem 100% deterministic.

Maybe PGO compilation is fine when you build Python to create a Linux
package. But to get reliable benchmarks, I'm not sure that it's a good

I'm still running benchmarks on Python recompiled many times using
different compiler options, to measure the impact of the compiler
options (especially LTO and/or PGO) on the benchmark stability.
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