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Yes, I was not aware of DESTDIR. The 2.7 README contains also useful information on the build process, for example about some use cases of the '*shared*' entries in the Setup files (for when cannot detect/build an extension module) or about the '*static' entries (to be able to profile extension modules). It also explains Setup.local whereas the only information on Setup.local in the Python3 documentation, is restricted to :(

There is also a lot of noise in the 2.7 README, this possibly explains the trimming. Maybe the cross-build section in the 3.6 README could be a link to a new build section in the documentation ?

> --prefix etc are already mentioned in ā€œ./configure --helpā€

The documentation on sys.prefix and sys.exec_prefix gives details about where go which files which is useful when trying to figure out where to copy the files on the target after a cross-build.
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