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Author yselivanov
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Date 2016-11-03.18:29:01
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loop.call_soon is the central function of asyncio.  Everything goes through it.

Current design of asyncio.loop.call_soon makes the following checks:

1. [debug mode] check that the loop is not closed
2. [debug mode] check that we are calling call_soon from the proper thread
3. [always] check that callback is not a coroutine or a coroutine function

Check #3 is very expensive, because it uses an 'isinstance' check.  Moreover, isinstance checks against an ABC, which makes the call even slower.

Attached patch makes check #3 optional and run only in debug mode.  This is a very safe patch to merge.

This makes asyncio another 17% (sic!) faster.  In fact it becomes as fast as curio for realistic streams benchmarks.
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