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Author xiang.zhang
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Date 2016-10-29.06:14:00
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If you inline insert_index, dictresize3 is not that bad.

./python3 -m perf timeit -s 'x = list(range(1000))' -- 'dict.fromkeys(x)'
dictresize3: Median +- std dev: 43.9 us +- 0.7 us
dictresize3(insert_index inlined): Median +- std dev: 41.6 us +- 0.6 us
dictresize4: Median +- std dev: 41.7 us +- 1.2 us

But don't bother on microbenchmark, just move on. I just think the logic is not as clear as dictresize3. But the easiness for future modification makes sense.
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