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Date 2016-10-26.21:54:14
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I don't know anything about 'python._pth' and whether there is any bug with respect to that.

As far as IDLE goes, there is no bug and this issue should be closed.  

In #24225, before the release of 3.6.0a2, most file names within idlelib were changed to shorter or lowercased names in conformance with PEP 8 and as anticipated by PEP 434.  In particular, '' is now ''.  API changes within and between files are and will be much more disruptive to external users.  As Nick Coughlin said in msg266409, 3rd party idlelib users are free to bundle or depend on a frozen copy of a past version.

WinPython should test the third party modules it includes with the python it is releasing.  Importing a module is as minimal as it gets.  Consider reporting the incompatibility to them.
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