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Date 2016-10-25.19:49:06
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This bug has been open for over a year and two subsequent releases, and its planned resolution depends on a change to WiX. The related WiX bug (see comment above) is scheduled to be implemented in WiX 4.0, which has no prospective release date. According to <>, only 27 percent of the issues currently planned for this release are resolved.

In my opinion, this is an important bug that cannot wait indefinitely.

Ceterum censeo (yes, there had to be one): This is particularly true when considering that a (relatively) simple fix exists that can be done by the Python project alone, with no external dependencies. I am referring, of course, to dropping the burn bundle entirely and shipping a single MSI package again, rather than 43 (!) of them (across x86 and amd64) with an average of ~190 and a median of 8 (eight) installed files per package in 3.5.2, counting pip.
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