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Date 2016-10-10.23:33:19
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FWIW, some history: The $HOME lookup was in Guido's original 1998-12-22 patch:
        if not file:
            file = os.path.join(os.environ['HOME'], ".netrc")
The lookup was wrapped in try-except 4 years later to give a 'consistent error message'.

Module ntpath dates back to 1994.  Expanduser only used HOMEDRIVE and HOMEPATH.  Guido added support for HOME in 1997.  Support for USERPROFILE was added a decade later.

Since the module is NOT marked 'Unix-only', I think it a bug to not use os.path.expanduser.  Larry, Ned, do either of you have an opinion on whether the change should be made in current versions or only 3.7?
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