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Author Arfrever
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Date 2016-09-23.14:30:40
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I get "500 Server Error" page when trying to write response in Rietveld, so I will write here...

On 2016/09/23 16:00:58, storchaka wrote:
> File (right):
> LC_ALL=C; find $(srcdir)/[a-zA-Z]* '(' -name '*.fdc' -o
> -name '*~' \
> Does it work with ";"?

Expansion is performed here by shell (spawned by make) itself before arguments are passed to find.
So LC_ALL=C must be set as a separate command.

$ export LC_ALL=et_EE.UTF-8
$ mkdir -p /tmp/test/{a,t,z}
$ find /tmp/test/[a-zA-Z]*
$ LC_ALL=C find /tmp/test/[a-zA-Z]*
$ LC_ALL=C; find /tmp/test/[a-zA-Z]*
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