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Author msapiro
Date 2006-03-06.04:10:02
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given the following input:

Received: by; Sun Nov  4 02:45:50 2001
X-From_:  Sun Nov  4 02:45:50 2001
>From bob  Sun Nov  4 02:45:50 2001
Return-Path: <>

followed by more headers and message body, the email
3.0+ parser parses everything beginning with the

>From bob  Sun Nov  4 02:45:50 2001

line as the body of the message with only the first two
lines as the header. RFC 2822 is clear that the message
headers are separated from the body by an empty line,
so I think the parser should continue parsing
everything as headers until an empty line or the end of
input is encountered, and should consider lines such as

>From bob  Sun Nov  4 02:45:50 2001


Some arbitrary text

encountered in the headers to be MalformedHeaderDefect.
A complete example message is atteched.
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