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Date 2016-09-16.02:05:57
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I realised I wasn't entirely clear about the "warning misattribution" problem that's implied by Chi Hsuan's problem report, so here's the behaviour when using "-W all" rather than "-W error":

    $ echo "print('\d')" >
    $ echo "import bad_escape" >
    $ ./python -W all 
    _frozen_importlib:205: DeprecationWarning: invalid escape sequence '\d'

That's a misattribution - the warning should be reported against the module being imported, not against the import system itself.

Compare that to the attribution of the old SyntaxWarning for assignments prior to a scope declaration:

    $ cat 
    def f():
        x = 1
        global x
    $ python3 -c "import syntax_warning" 
    /home/ncoghlan/devel/py36/ SyntaxWarning: name 'x' is assigned to before global declaration
      global x

(Run with 3.5, as that became a full SyntaxError for 3.6)
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