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Date 2016-09-15.03:51:03
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_PyIO_get_console_type currently hard codes the names "CON", "CONIN$", and "CONOUT$" and doesn't use a case-insensitive comparison. For example, opening "conin$" doesn't get directed to WindowsConsoleIO:

    >>> open('conin$', 'rb', buffering=0)
    <_io.FileIO name='conin$' mode='rb' closefd=True>

unlike CONIN$:

    >>> open('CONIN$', 'rb', buffering=0)
   <_io._WindowsConsoleIO mode='rb' closefd=True>

This also ignores the special handling of DOS devices in existing directories. The normal DOS-device check (i.e. if the parent directory exists, call GetFullPathName to normalize the path) isn't reliable, unfortunately. Prior to Windows 8, CreateFile special-cases parsing console paths by calling BaseIsThisAConsoleName, which has an annoying speed hack that makes it buggy. Ultimately the only way to know if a path opens the console is to open it and check the handle.
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