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Date 2016-09-14.20:49:08
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I'm not sure if this is applicable to this bug, but one feature missing from argparse is the ability to snarf arbitrary options up to a terminating '--'. The purpose of this is to collect arguments for potential children you may spawn. An example:

--subscript_args --foo --bar --baz -- <other args>

So, if you ran args = parser.parse_args()

args.subscript_args = [ '--foo', '--bar', '--baz' ]

Right now I have NO way of enabling this w/o writing my own argument parser, and I think it's bizarre that argparse can't do something like this.

And no, I don't want to pass a singly-quoted string to this so I don't have to manually split() the arguments which may or may not match what /bin/sh does.

Does this deserve it's own enhancement request?
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