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Author skrah
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Date 2016-09-13.11:26:01
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It fails in pytest and has a segfault.  The pytest issue should probably
be separate issue (it could also be a blaze issue).

This is a minimal reproducer for the segfault:

from blaze.expr import symbol
from blaze.interactive import data
from blaze.compute import compute

t = symbol('t', 'var * {amount: int64, id: int64, name: string}')

sql = data('sqlite:///:memory:::accounts', dshape=t.dshape)

expr = t.distinct().nrows
x = expr._subs({t: sql})
result = compute(x)

Blaze itself is pure Python, a third part issue could be in sqlite
or sqlalchemy (but I think that is also mostly pure Python).
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