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Author berker.peksag
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Date 2016-09-11.10:35:55
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Thanks, Serhiy.

test_recursionlimit_recovery in test_sys passed, but now I'm getting the following failure:

FAIL: test_recursionlimit_fatalerror (test.test_sys.SysModuleTest)

I modified test_recursionlimit_fatalerror to use subTest() and it looks like the test passed when sys.setrecursionlimit(50). See i=1000 in the following output:

FAIL: test_recursionlimit_fatalerror (test.test_sys.SysModuleTest) (i=1000)
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/home/berker/hacking/cpython/default/Lib/test/", line 283, in test_recursionlimit_fatalerror
AssertionError: b'Fatal Python error: Cannot recover from stack overflow' not found in b''


test_runpy still segfaults:

test_main_recursion_error (test.test_runpy.RunPathTestCase) ... Fatal Python error: Segmentation fault

I wrote a quick and dirty reproducer for this. I can attach here if you think it would be useful for debugging.
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