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Date 2016-09-10.20:59:11
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Nick, if you feel like doing this, go ahead, either before or after
beta1 (but if you want to do it before please do it quickly).

(Off-topic: boy do I miss CI that triggers when you send a patch for review...)

On Sat, Sep 10, 2016 at 11:14 AM, Martin Teichmann
<> wrote:
> Martin Teichmann added the comment:
> This is the originial patch rebased such that it applies to the current master.
> As a detail in the discussion: "__classcell__" is not visible during the execution of the class body, as it is added at the end of the class body. In this regard, it is different from "__qualname__", which is set at the beginning of the class body such that it may be changed.
> The new __classcell__ does show up, however, in the namespace parameter to the __new__ method of the metaclass.
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> Added file:
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