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Ok, I believe you that you have the interface for IntFlags right (I always did, and I apologize if I didn't make it clear from the start). All my questions pertain to Flags.

You said what to me seem like two contradictory things:

> Not having 2 named has different consequences for Flag vs IntFlag (although *neither is an error*): Flag: no combination of flags will ever have the 2 bit set

> if MyFlags is a Flag then MyFlags(impossible_combination) *will raise an exception.*

Are you saying that after I write

    class MyFlags(Flags):
        b001 = 1
        b011 = 3
        b100 = 4
        b110 = 6

this is _not_ an error, but if after that I call


it _is_ an error? It doesn't seem so bad now I think about it, but I'd like the error to be reported before ("3 has bit of value 2 set, but that bit is not a member" or something like that).
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