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Date 2016-08-25.06:22:13
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Not only that, but when you're on the ground you have a much more diverse set of options for moving. `s` is "enter a different tower", `r` is "exit a tower", `n` is "move to the next tower", `j` is "teleport" and so on. :-)

Also for objects... you have "look around" (a), "examine" (p), "show map" (`l` for horizontal and `w` for vertical)... yeah, all in all a nice text adventure game. :-)

But the most important thing (why I don't think #24265 is amenable to this) is to have a good starting point. That's what you provided for me with ", line 1066". If you have such a starting point for #24265, it would be a very good thing.

(You can also set conditional breakpoints, but I also don't know what condition to look for in that example.)
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