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Date 2016-08-21.17:13:21
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The more common TESTED "behavior" issue is simply:

find_library("c") always returns None while it should be returning 
either libc.a(shr.o) in 32-bit mode and libc.a(shr_64.o) in 64-bit mode. 
If that gets corrected, then adding RTLD_MEMBER it's numerical 
equivalent is also needed.

michael@x071:[/home/michael]grep RTLD_MEMBER /usr/include/*.h
/usr/include/dlfcn.h:#define    RTLD_MEMBER             0x00040000 /* 
Module name may indicate

I mention find_library("c") specifically as that is used as a core test 
in both Lib/ctypes/ as well as the following tests in 
Lib/ctypes/test/*.py:, and

How can a test that is always returned None really be testing anything. 
In any case, what these test are "testing" something very different on 
AIX compared to Linux (and perhaps Solaris and OS/X).

So, how is the current behavior not a "bug" (that, for ages, has either 
been ignored and/or not understood  - and I go more for the later, as 
there have been a few issues re: performance concerns because ldconfig 
is (generally) not available on AIX. Again, the net result of 
find_library() is for default installs - to return None even when a real 
value should be returned.

On 11-Aug-16 17:10, Michael Felt wrote:
> Martin Panter added the comment:
> >
> >For 2.7, adding the automatic RTLD_MEMBER mode does not seem like a bug fix to me. Currently, I understand this code could load two separate libraries:
> >
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