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Date 2016-08-17.06:52:38
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I think the intended behaviour here is that which was documented in the PEP: that m_methods should still work based on ducktyping for reading a __name__ attribute and setting the method attributes, even if the result of Py_create_mod isn't a module type object.

However, it isn't currently working due to the PyModule_Check call in PyModule_GetNameObject, which is in turn called from PyModule_AddFunctions. The Py_mod_create docs then reflect that limitation of the implementation.

The cleanest way to refactor and fix this that comes to mind would be to make static _get_object_name() and _add_methods_to_object() functions in moduleobject.c (which omit any strict type checks), and then call those from PyModule_GetNameObject and PyModule_AddFunctions with the explicit typecheck.

That way we don't have to support this for arbitrary third party code calling in to the C API, while still allowing it for the specific case of objects returned from Py_mod_create.
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