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Python will really follow the tau sort joke ? I never saw it mentioned in any serious math or programming document. All the github search result looks like people who are in this joke (kind of).

The page list very little use of tau in relevant domains, the most relevant to our discussion would be the including of tau in modula-2 standard library.

I don't see how the introduction of the unknown tau constant in python programs will make them clearer or better to the targeted public who will read them.

I must confess however that 2*pi occurs frequently in formula and these formula would be simplified if tau was used. However an honest and non partisan web site would list all the use of pi without 2 where the formula would be more complicated. I don't see that so I'm still not convinced.

I know that Guido van Rossum is the Benevolent dictator for life of python, but as I understand it until this point, the dictator position was used after all argument took place and not before.
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