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Date 2016-07-21.01:54:17
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I think I misunderstood the Windows situation. Now I understand Windows has no lower-case variable names, so this patch would stop accepting any HTTP_PROXY variable there (in CGI mode). But that is okay by me.

I agree the mixed-case scenario is not worth worrying too much about. The normal scenario is all lowercase (http_proxy), and I think all-uppercase (HTTP_PROXY) is only supported for compatibility with some older browsers or OSes (can’t remember the details). However, since we already document “a case-insensitive approach”, perhaps it needs tweaking somehow. Perhaps it would be more correct to say, in CGI mode:

* Only lowercase _proxy suffix is accepted (stricter than just ignoring uppercase)
* No variable is accepted where names must be uppercase, i.e. Windows. As I understand it, you cannot have a lowercase http_proxy variable there.

Also, I think the “note” additions should be indented under the getproxies() etc headings. (Or drop the markup and make it an ordinary sentence or paragraph. “Note that” is also redundant IMO.)
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