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Date 2016-07-20.22:40:24
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Berker Peksag
> -1. I think the current devguide theme looks fine and it would be nice to keep devguide and Python documentations use different themes.

I pushed the change because there were 3 positive votes and no negative vote, and I like the proposed them.

> I'd be -0 if the patch was small, but diff stat "11 files changed, 1651 insertions(+), 10 deletions(-)" is huge and it would be nice to avoid  code duplication. The current theme has some bugs and now we will have to update two different repos everytime we touch the docs.p.o theme.

Sorry but I don't know anything about Sphinx theme. If you know how to fix mentionned issues, please write a patch and/or push directly changes.

> It seems like devguide_theme_revised.patch was committed accidentally:

What do you mean? It was deliberate for me to push devguide_theme_revised.patch. I don't see strong reason in comments to not push the change.

> I'd also delete

It adds a new "make check" which doesn't hurt.

Maybe it may be better to contribute to Sphinx, but again, it's short and doesn't hurt.
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