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I committed the fix for negation in audioop.

slice-step.patch includes a better fix for the remaining part of trapv.patch, with Element Tree slicing. I think this fix is much less intrusive, and I have copied it to other places that handle slicing, and added corresponding test cases.

The undefined behaviour sanitizer produces lots of errors about bit shifting signed integers in low-level modules like ctypes, struct, audioop. Typically this is for code converting signed integers to and from bytes, and big/little-endian conversions. This is technically undefined behaviour, but I think it may be less serious than the other overflows with traditional arithmetic like addition and multiplication. E.g. GCC explicitly documents <> that this is handled as expected with twos-complement, so with GCC there should be no nasty surprises with optimizing out undefined behaviour. My set-overflow.patch would also be in this boat.
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