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Date 2016-07-16.15:35:25
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Not particularly related, but the special fast case in Objects/listobject.c:811, listextend(), also seems to lack an overflow check.

“An alternative would be to raise the error without trying to allocate Py_SSIZE_T_MAX first”: what I meant was removing the special case to allocate PY_SSIZE_T_MAX. As soon as it attempts to overallocate 2+ GiB of memory it fails. Something more like

addition = len >> 1;
if (addition > PY_SSIZE_T_MAX - len - 1) {
    /* . . . */
    return PyErr_NoMemory();
buf_size = len + addition;

Antti: in this case we are allocating an array of _bytes_, not pointers. So maybe it is possible to reach the limit with a 32-bit address space.
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