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Date 2016-07-11.14:32:51
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> Before working on it, could someone give me idea to run whole test_asyncio
with and without C version Future easily?

asyncio uses loop.create_future() to create sockets.  I'd suggest you to create two base test classes: one that monkeypatches loop.create_future to return pure python Future in its setUp method; an another, that makes create_future to return a C version of the Future.

The derive some unittests from those base classes (which will effectively double the number of tests).

> And, which is master repository of asyncio? github? or
If github, can I send separated pull request changing test_asyncio after
this patch is merged?

The master repo for asyncio is github, but since the C version won't be a part of asyncio (it will be checked in only in CPython source tree), I think it's fine to continue the work here, on
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