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Date 2016-07-10.20:19:37
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Scrollbars and the new query module now use ttk widgets.  Time to convert the other dialogs.

Changing imports is straightforward.

Use of an option that can only be changed in the style may be harder.  There was one instance of this among the scrollbars (converted in #24750) and I just skipped the minor tweak, and let the scrollbar in question look like all the rest.

The most difficult issue is changes in allowed methods.  For instance, the state of tk checkbuttons and radiobuttons can be controlled by either setting a control variable or by calling methods.  For ttk, the methods are gone. 

First are the search dialog modules: searchbase, search, replace, and grep.  The tk-only 'anchor' option is used but has no effect since the 'width' option is not used to allocate extra space for the buttons.  The tk-only select method is used, but at least in searchbase, it has no effect, as it always sets the button to the state it already had.  Its use in test files, however, has to be replaced, not deleted.

IDLE does not control the common dialogs.  But we could choose to replace them,  I would not do that for the os file dialogs, but already replaced the 'ask' messagebox used for Open Module for behavioral reasons (#27380).
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