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Thanks, I will switch to True and False.

I am aware of the possibility of separately importing the constants, but like some others, I prefer the strings.  Compile-time checking is a good point, especially with no run tests.  In this case, test_query has 100% coverage of

Minor question: While trying to  use the new widget (instead of tkSimpledialog) in (editor.EditorWindow).open_module I had problems which I am trying to pin down by taking smaller steps.  As part of this, I tried this minimal code that uses Query.

from idlelib import query
from tkinter import Tk
root = Tk()
name = query.Query(root, "Open Module",
         "Enter the name of a Python module\n"
         "to search on sys.path and open:",).result

It works fine except that entry.focus_set() is not working for me with this call (or else it is not staying set) even though it works fine when configdialog calls the SectionName subclass.  I know Windows is more troublesome than *nix about focus, but do you have any idea why calling Query this way, instead of as in the committed patch, would make a difference?
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