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Date 2016-06-26.19:37:05
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To resolve the crash on Windows in 2.7 requires backporting checktm(). Using asctime_s doesn't solve the problem. The CRT still calls the default invalid parameter handler, which kills the process -- as shown by the following ctypes example:

    from ctypes import *
    libc = CDLL('msvcr90')

    class tm(Structure):
        _fields_ = (('tm_sec', c_int),
                    ('tm_min', c_int),
                    ('tm_hour', c_int),
                    ('tm_mday', c_int),
                    ('tm_mon', c_int),
                    ('tm_year', c_int),
                    ('tm_wday', c_int),
                    ('tm_yday', c_int),
                    ('tm_isdst', c_int))

    libc._localtime32.restype = POINTER(tm)
    libc.asctime_s.restype = c_char_p

    t = c_int()
    lt = libc._localtime32(byref(t))
    sbuf = (c_char * 100)()

    >>> libc.asctime_s(sbuf, sizeof(sbuf), lt)
    >>> sbuf.value
    'Sun Jun 26 19:22:47 2016\n'

    >>> lt[0].tm_hour = -1
    >>> libc.asctime_s(sbuf, sizeof(sbuf), lt)

    Breakpoint 0 hit
    00000000`6b8950e4 4053            push    rbx
    0:000> k5
    Child-SP          RetAddr           Call Site
    00000000`005ef628 00000000`6b8952d4 MSVCR90!_invoke_watson
    00000000`005ef630 00000000`6b859830 MSVCR90!_invalid_parameter+0x70
    00000000`005ef670 00000000`1d1aff53 MSVCR90!asctime_s+0x2fc
    00000000`005ef6b0 00000000`1d1ae7fc _ctypes!ffi_call_AMD64+0x77
    00000000`005ef700 00000000`1d1aa4c6 _ctypes!ffi_call+0x8c
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