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Author Robert Haschke
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Date 2016-06-17.12:45:52
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I uploaded a simple example to illustrate the tremendous performance boost. Obviously, the example exploits the caching improvement as much as possible: The code assembles a XML document by inserting new nodes before the last one...
These are the timing results:
$ python old new
oldtime for 5000 iterations: 18.422152
newtime for 5000 iterations: 0.129384

$ python old new
oldtime for 10000 iterations: 68.305351
newtime for 10000 iterations: 0.142071

You see the quadratic increase of time...
IMHO, this is clearly a (performance) bug and really many people in the ROS community are affected. Hence, I hope that this patch will find its way into some python versions currently used by standard Linux distributions.
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