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Date 2016-06-12.12:36:14
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It's not  a very pythoniic way to simply negate the value. Plus, the
majority of heap users want performance (heap was made for speed), so a C
version would be much better.

On Sat, Jun 11, 2016 at 4:39 PM, Raymond Hettinger <>

> Raymond Hettinger added the comment:
> Sorry James, we don't grow the APIs without sufficient demonstrated need;
> otherwise, we end-up with API sprawl.  People with actual use cases haven't
> requested behavior (and the occasional one-off gets by negating the numeric
> argument).  That is why the maxheap functions were intentionally made
> private.
> FWIW, this module is very old and the core functions have long proven
> themselves sufficient to meet their use cases (like being used in an event
> loop to efficiently select the next scheduled event).
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