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Date 2016-06-11.05:23:33
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I had some trouble committing and pushing these patches.  After deleting TEntry and committed the 2.7 and 3.5 patches and tried to do the usual 3.5 to default forward merge in TortoiseHG.  I got

% hg merge --tool :merge --verbose 101861
resolving manifests
abort: case-folding collision between Lib/idlelib/ and Lib/idlelib/
[command returned code 255 Fri Jun 10 22:33:09 2016]

This seems to be a known problem.  After some effort to resolve the situation, I gave up and used my replaced my repository with a copy of my backup copy, to undo the things I had tried.

Since the renames on 5/22, I have done other merges without problem, but I rechecked and none involved a file where case was the only difference. I will try again by temporarily renaming pyshell back to PyShell first.
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