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Author Demur Rumed
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Date 2016-06-07.03:55:36
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Attached is a patch which fixes test_sys_settrace & test_pdb & test_trace. Still failing is test_genexps. I'm unsure the best way to fix this one:

1. Allow generator expressions to defer type errors about non iterables until the initial call to next

2. Create a TEST_ITER opcode entirely for generator expressions to eagerly throw

3. Generate instructions like
FOR_BEGIN, if empty, jump over generator & put an empty generator on the stack
-> CALL_FUNCTION 2, have generator produce code as LOAD_FAST 0, LOAD_FAST 1, <code>, FOR_ITER repeat <code> (ie translate stack of FOR_BEGIN from before call as header of generator)

Empty generator can be created with 'LOAD_CONST (None,), FOR_BEGIN, POP' but it seems rather bad to have generators require 3 more opcodes around their creation than currently
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