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Table: I believe the format is that the second column describes Pyhton objects that can be marshalled into xml for the rpc.  Sometimes a note is added about the 'return' type, which I presume is the Python object unmarshalled from xml.  From this standpoint,
":class:`int` in range from -2147483648 to 2147483647."
is correct, as well as clearer than the replacement.

I presume 'tags' are in the xml.  "Tag' is meaningless for the returned Python objects.  To me "Values get the ``<int>`` tag." is more grammatical and at least as clear.

+The module now supports unmarshalling additional data types used by
+Apache XML-RPC implementation for numerics and ``None``.

The following is clearer to me, although I am puzzled as the table entry for 'nil' in unchanged.

+The module now supports unmarshalling ``None`` and additional data
+types used by Apache XML-RPC implementation for numerics.
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