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> About the URL, we are only talking about 4 languages

Yes, and other are clearly not ready to be merged, I still don't know if they want it to happen soon.

> For, I don't know if it's "spanish" or "spanish of Argentina"?

Same conclusion: I don't know either, but let them decide. In all cases, we'll not merge them until they ask for it, so, probably not even this year. Let's do things one by one, showing the way. (Personally I think we may propose them /es/, and if a es_ES version shows up, move `/es/` to `/es-ar/` and give `/es/` to es_ES, but that may just never happen...).

> For a technical documentation, I don't expect to have a flavor of the docuemntation [...] English is "en", french is "fr", japanese is "jp", spanish is "es". Only Brazilian Portuguese uses "pt_BR".

Yes [my proposition]( has a whole paragraph about "Dropping the default locale of a language". Around the same subject, it's still undecided if we use a dash (IETF format) or an underscore (gettext format) to separate language and locale, but as we only have "fr" from now, we don't really have to decide today. We'll have to decide when we'll merge "pt-br" which does not even exists (one of some few languages having a "mandatory locale part").

> I suggest to make english "implicit", the default, and don't break existing URLs

+1, we do not need to break anything, let's just don't add `/en/` for "upstream" documentation, that's in fact what my proposed patch does.

> What do you think?

Look like we agree on all points.
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