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Date 2016-05-26.02:47:26
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On May 25, 2016, at 07:56 AM, Franklin? Lee wrote:

>>AttributeError: 'tuple' object has no attribute 'append'
>>which seems pretty obvious.  
>I don't think the C version shows a traceback, so it won't be clear that
>you're trying to assign to `__all__`.

Thanks!  I'll fix both the C and Python versions to raise a ValueError when
__all__ isn't a list.  I'll make the change in my atpublic PyPI project
(version 0.3) and will update the CPython patch if and when it gets accepted.

I think for now at least I won't autoconvert it to a list.  Happy to change
that if e.g. Guido prefers. :)

>>Well, consenting adults and all.  I'm not sure we need to protect ourselves
>>so strictly against people who don't read the docs and don't understand
>>Python (i.e. random cargo-culters).
>Python is a popular learning language, and many will be students who haven't
>yet trained to reflexively look up docs. I saw the lack of such habits in
>Python's IRC channel.
>"Consenting adults", I feel, is a reason to grant power: don't stop people
>from doing something they might need to do. But @public on a class method is
>just an error.

Would you consider submitting a patch on the project?
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